You be the judge....

Before and After Dental and Medical Tourism


Surgery Morning
​Nervous yet Excited

Chamcook Mountain exactly 1 YEAR LATER

Our Journey....
For over a decade we've travelled outside of Canada for care. We had all but given up on smiles we could be proud of, Canadian pricing was out of our reach. We smiled without showing our teeth and figured it would always be that way. And then we found Mexico, our smiles were forever changed.

​With a thyroid disease, menopause and a love of chocolate my weight was out of control.  Five years ago with our daughter Davina, I had vertical gastric sleeve bariatric surgery in Mexico. Again dental/medical tourism was life changing. Exactly one year later we climbed a mountain and toasted our best decision ever.

In 10 years we've learned a lot. Just as at home there are doctors that aren't so good nor are as honest as they should be. There's often a language barrier and travelling to a foreign country with culture changes can we stressful for some. Travel arrangements and trip planning isn't nearly as much fun as the trip itself. The internet is full of so called tourism facilitators that are more about advertizing than service, websites are confusing, and often out dated. It can be very difficult to find what you needed and to feel confident in your decison.

 After years of thought a vision of "Doctors in the Sun" was born. Our business model is pretty simple - we want only the best doctors caring for our clients. We're small and that's exactly how we intend to stay. In any city where Doctors in the Sun is represented only 2-3 dentists will be selected. Dentists don't "just sign up" with Doctors in the Sun. Before a dental clinic is approved as an authorized provider they are carefully vetted. We visit their clinics, meet staff, review licenses and qualificatons, contact prior patients for references and must be satisfied they 're not just great dentists they are also morally good people. When we say "Exceptional Dentistry" we mean what we say, Doctors in the Sun providers are exceptional dentists. 

​Doctors in the Sun will offer cosmetic and baratric surgey in the near future.

​Our clients, their health and satisfaction is what Doctors in the Sun is all about. We would be  honoured to be your guide to quality dental tourism.

Rene and Tom Wearing
St Andrews by the Sea
New Brunswick, Canada