Financial Info

Doctors in the Sun Dental Clinics most commonly accept Visa and Mastercard, and to a lesser extent American Express. Paypal is a accepted in some clinics. And of course cash is always popular. We're happy to answer any questions as you preparing for your amazing journey.

Both Mexico and the Dominican dentists price their treatments in US Dollars. We've provided a currency converter for your use as a guide, please note individual banks may have different service charges.

Scotiabank is very well represented in the Dominican Republic, Scotiabank clients will be able to do everything in a DR branch as you could at home. With one exception; take hats and sunglasses off the minute you enter the branch or you'll be asked to remove them. The first time it happened to us we just stood there with a silly look on our face, Tom then removed his hat and Rene her sunglasses


As a service to our patients we have contracted with quality lenders to provide loans for those that wish low cost finacing for their dental procedures and travel expense, on approved credit.

Doctors in the Sun assures you your privacy is protected.You'll deal directly with lenders, you will never be asked for financial information by Doctors in the Sun nor any provider. We'll be advised only that an application has been submitted and of approval or decline. Doctors in the Sun will receive absolutely no fee, commission or renumeration in connection with your loan.

What can I include in my loan ?

Dental/Medical procedures
Flights or transportation costs
Car Rentals
Meals and other personal expenses

Loans are usually funded in advance of the time you travel to allow for the payment of travelling.
Approval time is as little as 1 hour and almost always within 1 day

"E Financing Solutions" serving the needs of Our American Clients

Safe Travels, We'll Be Waiting for You