Dra. Ilbania Martinez

Dental Clinic Cabarete is in the heart of the world's best kite boarding town. Cabarete has a charm all it's own. Dental Clinic Cabarete is in the newer section of the town, just steps from the beach.

Dra Ibania Martinez's  clinic is new, clean, fresh, well designed and very pleasing to the eye. Dra IIbania and her husband have 3 children, the youngest just 10 months old. 

Doctors in the Sun is pleased to team up with Dental Clinic Cabarete to bring you great dentistry in a beautiful location.

at your service

We met "LG" several years ago on our very first trip to Cabarete. LG took great care of us and was at our beck and call. LG speaks perfect English, is a cautious and compentant driver, vehicle is clean, in good repair AND has WiFi! Over the years we've become friends with LG and are delighted that he will be available to care for the needs of our patients coming to Cabarate and surrounding area.