The Doudenal Switch

                        Improve Your Quality of Life with the Duodenal Switch Procedure

This bariatric surgery requires a higher training, training skills and complete surgical equipment, since  it is an extensive procedure consisting of three surgical phases. The procedure is mostly known as Gastric Sleeve with Duodenal Cross, Bilio-pancreatic diversion with duodenal exclusion. D.S. or D.S.- B.P.D.

Dr.Huacuz's team is the only surgical team in Mexico with more than 7 years of experience and hundreds of successful cases in Duodenal Switch, the leaders and pioneers and the only ones who perform it currently.

The Duodenal Switch is a mixed procedure because it has a double content absorptive and restrictive action. The restrictive part is the Gastric Sleeve (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy) is the first step and consists in performing a resection of 86% of the stomach providing it in a cylindrical form and with an inside diameter in a straw-size and eliminating from the body the receptors from the hunger hormone giving a different capacity of 98 to 148 millimeters.

In some patients, the Gastric Sleeve alone is enough but in patients with higher BMIs this will be second by the Duodenal Switch, which is less risky to perform it in a second step and also has the advantage of preserving the pyloric valve that avoids food passage to the intestine before equilibrating its osmolarity until it is similar to plasma.

When performing a duodenal exclusion, food goes through the small intestine and travels to begin  food ingestion and the common channel of approximately 110 cm and after that, the next step is the colon.

The Duodenal Switch patients eat less food and provides more benefits, does not have hunger receptors and a new gastric pouch.

The Duodenal Switch, D.S. Or D.S – B.P.D.  is performed as an open surgery by surgical teams with less experience, Dr. Huacuz performs this procedure laparoscopically for better results in short and long term, there are no post-operative hernias, less risk and quicker recovery.

The Duodenal Switch is primarily performed more in Europe than the United States, where approximately 25,000 are performed every year, Dr. Huacuz was trained by the creator or the Duodenal Switch.

The Duodenal Switch is an excellent choice for patients with a BMI of 45 or higher. It is important to consider that the Duodenal Switch is considered major surgery because includes four anastomosis and there are risks associated, such as heart failure or sleep apnea.

How could I know if I am a candidate for Duodenal Switch?

First you have to decide to improve your quality of life and second to have a bariatric surgery. It is recommended that you contact with us to know if you are a candidate for this procedure or if the Gastric Sleeve can control your obesity, Dr. Huacuz will review your individual case.
It is of vital importance that as you make the decision to have bariatric surgery, you psychologically  prepare, have positive outlook, are  willing to change your bad food and physical habits. Your family and the physician should be included in your decision and give their support.

It is important to stop drinking alcohol at least 5 days and stop smoking 2 months before the procedure, to avoid respiratory complications such as pulmonary thromboembolisms or pneumonia.