La Romana, DR

A Passion for Excellence

Dental Integral president Dra Francis Silvestre has established an exceptional dental clinic in La Romano. The main clinic in La Romana's city center with a clinic is at the beautiful Case de Campo Marina. Dental Integral also has  4 satellite clinics in the La Romano area. Dra Silvestre has a staff of 10 dentists and specialists. Dental Integral offers advanced dentistry in a caring, welcoming, state of the art environment. Dra Silvestre makes the most of every day, she is a wife, a mother to 3 fabulous kids and somehow finds time to be a marathon runner.

The Dental Integral Team

La Romana is an active and busy cruise ship terminal. For the past 14 years Dental Integral has been the contracted dental clinic for cruise ship staff who are often away from home for a year at a time. 

Every Patient Matters

Very soon after meeting Dra. Silvestre we could feel her warm and caring heart. Dra Silverstre is the only dentist that has been "invited" to have a clinic in the very exclusive Casa de Campo Marina Enclosure. A gorgeous, opulent, high security community that is truly exceptional. 

With the very same care and attention Dental Integral cares for the dental health of those less fortunate, who toil in the fields that still couldn't care for their teeth if they had to pay a co-pay. These workers and their families are welcomed, no co-pays are ever charged, whatever is received from their insurance is accepted.

The staff of Dental Integral regularity pack up their gear and head to out the rural communities where so many have so little. They receive totally free dental care, guidance and dental supplies. Dra. Niove Franciso is the team organizer for "Community Dental Days". Dra. Silvestre has set an excellent example for the Dental Integral team, to be grateful for your blessings and do what you can for those less fortunate.