Lap Band / Slim Band / Gastric Band

This surgery places a removable, adjustable band on the stomach to restrict the amount of food that can be eaten.  An access port just under the skin is used to increase or decrease the tightness of the band, an adjustment that must be done by a doctor.

The early results are positive however a common complaint is that weight loss decreases. Band slipage can occur causing pain and potential injury depending on where it ends up. The most common bariatric revision surgery is a lap band removal to a different surgical option.

Doctors in the Sun Dental and Medical Tourism does not include the Lapband in our bariatric offerings. Aside from our stated misgivings about the Lapband, the requirement for ongoing adjustments of the band is difficult, even impossible and potentially expensive for the medical tourism patient. Very few bariatric surgeons will adjust a band for a patient that isn't theirs nor a patient that has travelled to save thousands of dollars with prices far less than they charge their patients. At  Doctors in the Sun our patients come FIRST-ALWAYS.