Punta Cana,
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Dr. Miguel Asenjo

  Dra Dinarda Vargas

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Punta Cana Oral Health has never had to use their Heart Start Defibrillator and they hope it stays that way. They are the only dental center in the eastern zone of the Dominican Republic with a defibrillator certified by the American Association of Cardiology for emergency cases. Your oral health of your teeth and mouth is their focus, althought your general health is not forgotten.

 Punta Cana Dental Lab 

Punta Cana Dental Lab is owned by Punta Cana Oral Health and located just a few blocks from the clinic. It has long been a dream of Dr. Asenjo and Dra. Vargas to have a lab with top of the line equipment sourced world wide to bring the absolute best in dental technology to their patients.

The lab uses Bio-Esthetic Robotic technology. A patient's scan is transmitted directly to the lab where the magic gets underway. The technology is so advanced that if you broke a crown or had an accident your replacement tooth will be couriered to you the next day, no need for you to return to the clinic for impressions. This technology along with a 20 year guarantee is a tremendous advantage for an international patient.

Having their own lab exclusively for their own patients greatly reduces wait times. Waiting time is reduced to 24 hours, no more 7 day lab time.

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Punta Cana is beautiful, well organized, new, very cosmopolitan, with wonderful restaurants, great shopping, amazing hotels and resorts and a beach second to none.