Q & A

​​Why would I use Doctors in the Sun rather than find my own dentist? 
Selecting a doctor in another country and very likely another language can be extremely confusing and stressful. While away it's a comfort to have a contact to answer questions and to intervine, if needed. The internet is full of dental advertising sites that sell advertising to thousands of dentists, the more the merrier. There are wonderful dentists in these countries however there are also dentists that don't do good work, or work beyond their licensed qualifications and a small number that aren't legal. ALL doctors contracted with Doctors in the Sun have been very carefully screened and verified. We do not sell advertising, doctors can't just sign up. We do an in depth study and only a very small number of doctors will receive info and then go on to the next stage of our process. Our doctors are a small group of very exceptional people, only the very best are worthy of our clients. 

Do I have to pay Doctors in the Sun for their service?
NO our clients never pay a service fee to Doctors in the Sun. Our clients will also never pay a service fee to our in house travel agent.
In the interest of full disclosure, Doctors in the Sun Dental and Medical Tourism Inc. will receive a commission from the doctor completing your treatment. 

When do I have to pay the doctor in Mexico or the Dominican  Republic?
Each clinic has their own payment requirements. Typically 50% is paid on your first appointment with balance on the final appointment. Some clinics will require Doctors in the Sun to make a deposit when the appointment is made, particularily if you're having extensive treatments that require a significant block of time to scheduled.  We'll discuss the payment policy of the Dr you choose before you make your final decision.

Will I have contact with my my Doctors in the Sun advisor when I travel and have my treatment?
Absolutely ! We will stay in touch with you from the time you make your first inquiry and throughout your treatment period. Our goal is for your tourism journey to be everything you hoped it would be and that you return home thrilled with your decision, we hope you'll stay in touch.

Do I need a passport?
Yes you do. All persons travelling to the Dominican Republic and Mexico require a passport. Those entering the Dominican Republic must purchase a tourist card for $10 USD. There is also a $20 departure tax from the DR, the departure tax is usually included in your airline ticket so be sure to check with your airline or travel agent. The Dominican Republic requires that your passport be valid and expires no less that 6 months from your departure date. When returning to the USA from Mexico by land some crossings don't demand passports from some US citizens. It is the position of Doctors in the Sun Dental and Medical Tourism Inc. that all travellers must travel with a valid passport and will not be held responsible for losses resulting from clients travelling without proper documentation.

Are the Dominican Republic and Mexico safe?
All countries have crime. When we travel to anywhere, including the USA and parts of Canada we make a point of not travelling to areas that are known as dangerous. We are not out in the streets late at night, we make a point of being polite and respectful to locals and their customs. Flashing money around is never a good idea nor is being loud, aggressive or publicly drunken. Be aware of your surroundings and if something doesn't feel right pay attention to your sixth sense. We love to travel and see new places and have very much enjoyed our many trips to MX and the DR and are looking forward to many more.

Must I buy travel insurance ?  
You are not required to purchase travel insurance, however we strongly urge you to secure coverage.  Please don't find yourself a long way from home and ill or injured and no access to quality health care. Your loved ones will thank you for taking care of yourself. Surgical patients may not qualify for travel insurance, you must advise your insurer of the purpose of your trip.

What currency will be my treatment plan be quoted in?
All treatment fees are quoted in US dollars which is the currency used by doctors in the DR and MX for foreign patients. We have installed a currency converter on the "Financial Info" page.

Will Doctors in the Sun offer additional dentists in Mexico and the Dominican Republic?
Yes Definately! We're working hard to select and process dental clinics to offer to our clients. We have made a firm commitment to our clients to do our utmost to screen and verify potentials, it's a time consuming process. We appreciate your patience.