Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileal

Obesity has become one of the core issues of our society today, a clinical illness that has the capacity to ruin a person’s life as their hunger cravings never seem to end. These poor people are forced to consume a staggering amount of food on a daily basis but matter how much they consume, it is never enough. Many people have the common misconception that obesity is a life style choice that can be diminished by hitting the gym and maintaining a healthy life style.

Although to a certain extent this might help the patient lose a little weight but they will never truly be free from this illness. What people have to realize is that obesity is not a life style choice, but is rather a pathological illness that induces the patient to believe that they need to consume more and more food. Basically their cognition is wired in such a way that their hunger cravings are never ending, even if the body has all the required nutrients to operate. This means that hitting the gym and eating clean will offer little to no mental relief.

However all hope is not lost; weight loss surgeries that can help these obese patients revamp their life style and loose a substantial amount of weight. One such weight loss surgery that is touching lives all around the world is the SADI procedure, this is a recent development and since then has come a foremost choice for obese patients. This surgery is basically an effective modification of the traditional duodenal switch and it has basically been designed to help patients in the most non intrusive method as possible.

What is the SADI Procedure?
The SADI procedure is a relatively simple surgical procedure to perform; it involves removing 85% of the stomach by creating a sleeve gastrectomy. By reducing the stomach’s curvature by 85% the patient will automatically feel better fed, even in small portions of food. SADI is a restrictive surgery and malabsorptive surgery to help improve the patient’s life. It is a restrictive surgery as the stomachs curvature is restricted and a malabsorptive surgery due to the fact that it reduces the amount nutrients that the body absorbs. This combination has been given the name of SADI procedure and has revolutionized the medical industry.

How does the SADI procedure differ from other weight loss surgeries?
By now you must be wondering how the SADI procedure differs from other traditional duodenal switch surgeries, there are multiple differences which have made this modified version much more effective than other surgeries. The first and most profound modification of this surgery revolves around the bypass created on the small intestine, other surgeries bypass the small intestine up to 80%. Although this results in substantial weight loss rapidly, it also has a drawback that called for a modified version. This 80% bypass reduces the amount of nutrients that the small intestine will absorb; this has caused many patients to suffer persistent vitamin and protein malnutrition. Our body needs vitamins and other nutrients to operate, and without these nutrients the integrity of your entire immune system can collapse in severe cases of malnutrition.
However, the SADI procedure has solved this dilemma by reducing the bypass created with the small intestine up to 50%, the reduction of 30% has brought outstanding results. After various studies and through patient records it has been seen that this surgery has curbed the malnutrition aspect of weight loss surgeries. Of course, it has reduced the amount of nutrients that the intestine absorbs, but this reduction is actually safe and has brought the desired results of negating any mitigating factors that may arise due to the surgery.

What are the advantages of the SADI procedure?
There are many different advantages of the SADI procedure and these advantages are the underlining reason why this surgery has become such a huge success.

Some of the most profound advantages of the SADI procedure are :

Patients can lose 80-100% of their unhealthy weight
This surgery will help the patient lose weight in a safe manner
Reduced side effects
Reduces blood pressure
Helps curb obstructive sleep apnea
Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels
Highest rate of success when it comes to curing type 2 diabetes
Helps other morbid obesity related issues
Helps battle depression

All of the benefits mentioned have been validated numerous studies and patient records. These advantages exonerate the fact that just how effective SADI procedure really is and how it can help a patient live a fuller life. Most of these health are seen in the first six months post surgery, after six months the body reaches a stability level that is perfect for obese patients.

How will the surgery be performed and will it hurt?
As mentioned before this a relatively simple surgery and will not require a substantial amount of time, typically the surgery is completed in one and a half hours but depends on your medical history. It is normally done by five small incisions in the abdomen; this ensures a smaller hospital stay, reduced scars, and faster recovery.

Although other weight loss surgeries are painful to a certain degree, the SADI procedure has solved the issue as well. This surgery utilizes multiple strategies to minimize pain such as the use of a TAP block, which is a long lasting anesthetic that reduces the post surgery pain by a substantial margin. This TAP block also ensures that the patient does not require any post surgery pain medication.

SADI surgery is an incrediable procedure dramatically changing lives and restoring the health of severely of obese patients from all around the world. Before you consider this surgery, it is imperative that you first consult with your local doctor to make sure that this is a viable option for you.