Santiago, DR

Dr Enrique Rojas & Dra Lizther Jaime
​Founders - Dental Cibao

Dr. Enrique and Dra Lizther are partners in life as well as founders of Dental Cibao Spa. Both are leaders in their fields. Dental Cibao Spa offers patients a wide variety of dental specialists in a welcoming, comfortable spa environment.

   S urgical

The surgical suite is used only for dental surgeries and us  accessed with finger/thumb print recognition, so as to don't compromise the surgical field. In accordance with surgical protocol the suite is kept very cool, the patient is kept warm with a soft blanket. The surgical suite has it's on serilization unit within the surgical suite.

Dental Implants

with Guided Surgery

Dr. Enrique Rojas is the pioneer using Computer-Guided Surgery in the Dominican Republic.

Dental Cibao Spa's Implants 
carry a LIFETIME Guarantee*

* on going maintenance care must be done by Dental Cibao Spa to qualify

L-PRF is a 3-D autogenous combination of Platelet Rich Fibrin derived from the patients blood. L-PRF greatly speeds healing and is most commonly used for dental implants.​

Oral Cancer Screening
Dental Cibao Spa uses advanced screening technology to check any area for cancer cells that maybe in the very early stages. As we all know, early detection and treatment is key. 

The Dental Cibao Lab

Dental Cibao Spa patients enjoy the added benefits of the new, state of the art in house dental lab. The latest technology prepares beautiful teeth faster, reducing wait times and gets you and your fabulous smile back to the beach sooner. 

Welcome to Santiago

Santiago, in the province of Santiago is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic and the forth largest in the Caribbean. Santiago is known as an intellectual, educational and cultural center with one of the largest medical centers in the country. Santiago is rich in history, with much to see and do. People are friendly, warm and welcoming.