Santo Domingo, DR  

Dr. Juan Thomas Pena is the founder of "Denstetica" in Santo Domingo in 1993. Dr. Pena is skilled in many dental specialities, and lectures on a national and international level. Dr. Pena is the Founder and current President of the International Academy of Integral Dentistry. Dra Sabrina Sarnell and Dra Mabel Bonilla bring years of experience and skills to Denstetica including Endodontics, Periodontics, Implantology, Restorative and Prosthodontics.

Santo Domingo was one of the many places discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Santo Domingo was the first city in the Dominican Republic, it's the nation's capital and is the largest city in the DR, by geographical size it's the largest city in the Caribbean. Having a population of one million people Santo Domingo is rich in history, and is the country's financial, political and cultural center.