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Weight Loss Surgery

​​Weight Loss Surgery, known as Bariatric Surgery is truly life changing, it's a miracle tool, giving you control of your weight. ​​
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Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

Have you tried just about everything over the years to lose weight and still struggled to shed pounds? If so, you might be feeling frustrated and hopeless, ready to quit your weight loss journey altogether. Before you do, however, consider how surgical weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, might benefit you. With assistance from Doctors in the Sun, it could be more attainable than you ever thought before.

While surgical weight loss is something that could potentially benefit millions of Canadians and Americans, it’s not always easy for people to undergo weight loss surgery.

In Canada, the wait list for certain bariatric surgeries can keep your plans on hold anywhere from two to 15 years. Meanwhile in the U.S., weight loss surgery can often cost tens of thousands of dollars, which is much more than most people can afford. Due to these obstacles, many Canadians and Americans are forced to let go of their dreams of having life-altering weight loss surgery.

That’s where Doctors in the Sun can step in and assist you.

As a dental and medical tourism company, we partner with highly-qualified doctors in Mexico and the Dominican Republic who are reputable, experienced and skilled. Our weight loss surgeries are performed in Tijuana, Mexico. Every doctor who works with Doctors in the Sun is thoroughly vetted and verified to ensure they have the training and experience it takes to perform bariatric surgery and procedures like gastric sleeve surgery, lap band surgery, and more. With Doctors in the Sun, you can take back control of your life without waiting years on a list or indebting yourself for a lifetime.

Doctors in the Sun’s “Success Through Support” system means successful weight loss surgery—before, during, and after your surgery. The cost associated with your bariatric surgery will include everything from pre-op nutritional and cardiological evaluations to post-op medical consultations with your surgeon for a full year and patient support for life. With a team focused for your long-term success you really can lose weight and keep it off, for good.

Doctors in the Sun’s president, Rene Wearing took back her life and took back her health with weight loss surgery however Rene found there were gaps in care. Rene’s mission is to bring patients affordable, bariatric surgery from reputable, experienced doctors, in manner and location meeting Doctors in the Sun’s strict standards. All patients receive Rene’s “Success Through Support” system for long term care. Call us at 506-639-9144 in Canada or 956-373-9666 in the U.S. today to see if surgical weight loss is the right choice for you.