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If this is the first you've thought about dental and medical tourism your mind is likely a whirl of questions,ours certainly was 10 years ago. It's not for everyone, but it is for many. Hundreds of thousands of people take a journey for their health each year. We took a year to make our decision the first time, then we couldn't believe we waited so long or didn't know about the savings for all those years.We've been smiling ever since.

Give us a call, send an email or a Facebook message - whatever works for you. Absolutely NO PRESSURE!

The procedures you require, your available time, travel interests etc will have an effect on where you'd want to go. We'll talk about all that.

The  #1 question is "how much ?"  it all costs and that makes perfect sense. We'll talk about your dental needs, we may ask for pictures of your teeth. If you have an x-ray that's ideal. If you have a quote from your dentist at home on the work you need done that's great too. We don't need to see the prices they were going to charge you. This info we gather will be shared with the dentist(s) that seem to the best fit or the dentist you have chosen, with the goal of getting you an approx. cost. The dentist is likely to want to speak to you, the estimate will be as accurate as possible, until you arrive and can have an examination.

If you wish, our travel dept will provide travel pricing options.

We'll give you all the information and support possible, the decision you make will be yours without any pressure. And if you decide you don't want to proceed that's fine too, we'll thank you for considering Doctors in the Sun.