Thigh Lift

We're committed to providing you with the best possible results following weight loss surgery. If you have struggled with your weight for many years, it may have stretched your skin so that it is not able to reposition or adhere to your new smaller size. A tigh procedure, excess skin and fat from your inner and outer thighs is removed. After treatment, you will be able to enjoy a slimmer, more toned look.

Are you a candidate for Thigh Lift Surgery?

If you have stretched, sagging skin on your upper legs, you may be a candidate for a thigh lift. However, to qualify for surgery, you should already be at a healthy weight. You should wait to undergo cosmetic treatment until your weight has stabilized following bariatric surgery. If you have a serious health condition that could impede the healing process, you may not be a good candidate for a thigh lift. Surgery is very safe for qualified patients, but certain health problems can increase the normally low risks.

Thigh Lift Surgery: What to Expect

Thigh lift surgery is an outpatient procedure, and you will receive general anesthesia before your surgery. To perform the treatment, we will create incisions in your upper legs to  trim any loose or excess skin. In some cases,  liposuction is used to remove displaced or stubborn fat deposits. The surgeon may also lift sagging muscles to provide even more dramatic, comprehensive results. Once your smoother, firmer contours have been created, we will close the incisions with small stitches.

Immediately after your thigh lift, you may experience some swelling, bruising, and inflammation. For the first day or so, you will need help with routine tasks, and you should sit or lie down in a way that will not stretch the skin on your legs. Usually after two to three weeks, you can return to work, and can begin to sit normally, although you may need to use a cushion or pillow. You can also resume driving and some exercise.

In six to eight weeks, you can typically return to your normal exercise routine, but you should wait until for the doctor’s approval. You will begin to notice an improvement in your appearance about this time. However, it may take six to twelve months to make a full recovery. Once you have completely healed, you will be able to enjoy firmer, more youthful legs and an accompanying boost in self-confidence.

Thigh Lift Techniques
We may use one of several methods to perform your thigh lift. Your surgery options will be reviewed and discussed during your initial consultation

Inner Thigh Lift

During an inner thigh lift,   an incision is created at the junction between your thigh and groin, to lift the skin and muscle on the inside of your legs. Resulting scars will be very discreet, which you can easily hide beneath underwear and swimsuits.

Bilateral Thigh Lift

This procedure is sometimes referred to as an “outer thigh lift.”  A v-shaped incision is made at the top of your leg, following your underwear line, which may stretch back to your buttocks. This procedure may be right for you if you have a large amount of sagging skin, since it treats both the inside and the outside of your legs.

Medial Thigh Lift 

This technique is similar to an inner thigh lift. However, the incisions are typically longer. Vertical incisions can address a large amount of excess skin.

Mini Thigh Lift

If you only have a small amount of sagging skin, a mini thigh lift may be right for you. To perform this procedure, a small incision  near your groin